Our Mission United to End Sexual Violence

The International Summit to End Sexual Violence is the first-ever opportunity for global discussion on how we can work together to bring an end to sexual violence in all forms around the world.  We analyze what needs to be accomplished toward that end, including:  law, policy, education, prevention, awareness, health care, survivor support, and research.  We tabulate our means and strategize solutions. The Summit brings together individuals, educational institutions, political groups, religious groups, health care organizations, non-government organizations, governmental groups, non-profits, corporations, and social justice groups with the purpose of uniting our collective efforts to end sexual violence around the world.  Our agenda includes an analysis of what we have accomplished, what human and capital resources we have available, and how we will achieve our goal.  Expected outcomes of the Summit are increased communication and connectivity among organizations, greater visibility for our cause amongst other charitable causes, sharing of resources and ideas, and clear action plans regarding international education, policies, laws, health care, and activism.