Our Supporters Count Me In

The Summit is organized with the support of over one hundred organizations, government agencies, groups and activists from around the world.

Take Back The Night Foundation and Fordham University lead the initiative and invite you and your organization to officially join us as a Supporting Organization by completing this form.

Organizations, Corporations, Schools, Universities, Government Agencies, Military Groups, Non-Governmental Organizations, Religious Organizations, Social Organizations, Health Care Groups, Companies, and Other Groups

1 in 6, Inc.
A Call to Men
Afghan American Women’s Association
Agnes Irwin School
American Association of University Women
Amnesty International
Applied Research Center
Artists Against Sexual Violence
Baylor University
Bikram Yoga Main Line
Black Women’s Blueprint
Breck School
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Colorlines, Inc.
Columbia Law School, African American Policy Forum
Cornell Performing Events Arts
Crime Survivors
Curet Performance Project
Dismantling Rape Culture
Drexel University
Ending Child Slavery at the Source:  ECPAT USA
Exhale to Inhale
Freedom Ladder
Futures Without Violence
Girls Educational and Mentoring Services
Girls for Gender Equity
Global Centurion
GRACE:  Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment
I Am You Studio
Interlochen Arts Academy
Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault
James Madison University
Jane Doe, Inc.
Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs
Men Can Stop Rape
National Sexual Violence Resource Center
Native Youth Sexual Health Network
New England Law, Boston
New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault
North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Partnership for the Eradication of Human Trafficking
PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics
Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape
Pennsylvania Governor’s Office
Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg
Phillips Academy, Andover
Pixel Project
Portland State University
Project to End Human Trafficking
Second Life Chattanooga
Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault
Southern Sky Communications
Stop Street Harassment
Take Back The Night Foundation
Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
Trevor Day School
United Nations Association of the USA Queens Chapter
United Nations Children’s Fund | Pakistan Country Office
United Nations Women
University of North Texas
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Verge Yoga Center
White Ribbon New Zealand
Women’s Legal and Education and Action Fund, Canada
Women’s Media Center Speech Project
World Health Organization


Shahla Ahmadi
Bibiana Aído Almagro
Maria Almario
Jeff Archer
Tierra Barber
Beth Barnhill
Beth Foley Barnes
Maryna Bencharska
Tom Bissonette
Amanda Blaugher
Cindy Bloom
Ana Maria Gloeden Brum
Condencia Brade
Cara Bradley
Ted Bunch
Annette Burrhus-Clay
Michele Burris
Katy Butler
Kimberly Campbell
Soraya Chemaly
Erin Cleary Cook
Casey Corcoran
Kimberle Crenshaw
Megan Curet
Jessica Danforth
Renee Davidson
Brandon Dawson
Brooke Dawson
Catherine deLaTBTNte-Azizi
Cindy DeLorme Greco
Osvaldo Donaire Junior
Laura Dunn
Thomas Estler
Colin Galant
Drew Geyer
Stephanie Gilmore
Renata Gloeden
Adrienne Graf
Allison Hall-Jordan
Ashley Hazelwood
Taylor Hendrickson
Sandra Henriquez
Teghan Himelfarb
Ashley Hobbs
Alna Hofmeyer
Rhona Hofmeyer
Justin Holcomb
Victoria Holloway
Margaret Huang
Lauren Imparato
Neil Irvin
Ileana Jimenez
Justine Johnson
Karli Johnson
Monique Johnson-Hostler
Tres Johnson
Maddie Kaller
Holly Kearl
John Kelly
Laura Klein
Katie Koestner
Laura Lederer
Meghan Lees
Rachel Lloyd
Deena Maerowitz
Corrie Martin
Rob McCann
Katie Minehan
Kalliopi Mingeirou
Kathleen Moran
Wendy Murphy
Peter Pollard
Polly Poskin
Qasim Rashid
Eileen Recktenwald
Jerry Redman
Trisha Rodriguez
Blake Ruehrwein
Delilah Rumburg
Rinku Sen
Emily Simpson
Laura Sminky
Janai Smith
Joanne Smith
Carol Smolenski
Lauren Spencer
Kim Staunton
Leslie Morgan Steiner
John Stoltenberg
Jennifer Storm
Farah Tanis
Boz Tchividjian
Karla Vierthaler
Kelly Vrooman
John Watson
Jody Weiss
Sydni Wells
Patricia Wenskunas
Regina Yau
Joanne Zannoni
Erica Zenn