Our Committee We have room for more energy, more talent and more help!

Dedicated.  Passionate for change.  Volunteering our time when we all have none to spare.  We are the Summit Planning Committee.  We believe in this event—the people, the message, the global reach, the conversations, the artistry, and the bravery of shattering the silence. Join us in our vision and come to New York City to see change happen.

Katie Koestner, Director TBTN
Michelle Burris, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Fordham U.
Amanda Blaugher, Assistant Director of Res Life PSU
Maryna Bencharska, Summit Logistics
Renata Gloeden, Volunteer Mom, NYC
Tierra Barber, Baylor University, Athletics
Corrie Martin, Phillips Academy, Andover
Tom Bissonette, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Professor
Taylor Hendrickson, Student, Breck School
Hilary Evans, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Alumnus
Erica Zenn, TBTN Program DirectorKellianne Hickey, Graduate of Loyola
Ashley Hazelwood, Graduate Student, U of N. TX
Geeta Sharma, Hill School
Tyler Miles, Hill School
Rachel Kish, Carlow College Student
Anna Beyer, Westminster College Student
Katy Butler, Speaker, working in NYC
Sydni Wells, Senior, Miami Country Day School
Gloria Fortuna, First year, Davidson College
Kelly Vrooman, Speaker and Actor
Gordon Braxton, Presenter on Men’s Issues
Catherine deLacoste-Azizi, Jr., Agnes Irwin School
Osvaldo Donaire Junior, www.dbr1.com.br
Ana Maria Gloeden Brum, Cousin of Renata, DBR1
Victoria Holloway, Student, JMU
Maddie Kaller, Jr., Agnes Irwin School
Karla Vierthaler, Presenters & Supporters

Deena Maerowitz, Education Advisor, Bertram
John Wright, Webdeveloper
Karli Johnson, Speaker and Activist
Lauren Spencer, Student, Trevor Day
Brandon Dawson, Dean Student Life, Elmira
LB, Laura Klein, Consultant & Activist
Anthony Perry, Faculty, Phillips Academy
Emily Simpson, Student, Scranton
Brooke Dawson, Wife of Brandon Dawson
Allison Hall-Jordan, Hagersharp Media
Jeff Archer, Videographer