Our House Rules Summit FAQ'S and Policies

The Summit is designed to be a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. The following Summit Policies apply to everyone attending the Summit, including those who are also staying on campus in Fordham’s residence halls. Anyone who violates these policies may be removed from Fordham’s campus and possibly turned over to the local authorities.

Age Requirement: Attendees must be age 16+, and those under 18 must have prior written permission from a parent/guardian to attend. For those under 18, we will have select rooms in Walsh Hall on campus with additional support from adult members of the Fordham University Residence Life Team.

Cancellation and Purchase Policy: Registration and special event tickets are non-refundable. Transfers to another person are not permitted after June 1st, and all transfers must be approved in writing by the Event Organizers and a new Eventbrite ticket must be issued. Scholarship tickets and any other free or reduced fee tickets are never transferable. Purchased in the Summit Marketplace, on the Summit Website and/or in connection with the Summit are non-refundable. All purchases are made “as is.”

Filming, Recording, and Photos: Photos, video recording and audio recording are prohibited during Summit Sessions, Going Noisy, and Rally for Red, with the exception of the professional media team of the Summit. Photos and video may be taken in the Summit Hall.

Guests, Family Members and Pets: No family members, friends, or other non-registered guests can be housed in Fordham’s residences or in attendance at the Summit. Everyone staying on campus must be registered to attend the Summit. Friends and family members may purchase tickets to attend Going Noisy and Rally for Red. Yoga for Healing is open to the public with a free will donation.  No pets or living animals, other than a pre-registered seeing eye dog, may be present at any Summit Event or on the Fordham University Campus.

Language and Translators: All Summit sessions, manuals, programs, signs, and resources are in English. We will have Summit staff who are able to speak Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, and a few other languages in attendance. If you have a special request, please contact us.

No Smoking: Smoking and all tobacco products are prohibited on the Fordham University Campus and at all Summit events.

No Weapons: Tasers, guns of any kind, explosives, or any other weapons are prohibited.  If you are in doubt about what may or may not be considered a weapon, please contact us.  Those in possession of any weapon in the sole determination of the Summit Organizers and/or Fordham Campus Police, may be asked to leave, turned over to the local authorities and/or have their weapon(s) confiscated.

Special Needs: Summit facilities are accessible for those with special needs. Specific questions: Click here.