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Sexual violence, including child sexual abuse, dating violence, trafficking and campus sexual assault affect hundreds of thousands around the world. Join us in a collective international stand against sexual violence. The Summit is organized as a non-profit 501(c)3 project of the Take Back The Night Foundation, along with nearly one hundred volunteers and non-profit organizations from around the world.

The Facts

  • More than half of all young people experience sexual harassment by age 18.
  • 1 in 4 college women are sexually assaulted.
  • 1 in 6 men are victims of sexual abuse.
  • 1 in 10 female victims and only 1 in 100 male victims report.
  • The conviction rate is the lowest of any crime.
  • The average offender commits 12-17 offenses before going to jail.
  • Most countries have few to no protections for victims of sexual abuse and rape.
  • Most countries have few to no laws prohibiting many types of sexual violence.


Representatives and leaders from K-12 schools, higher education, health care entities, businesses, government groups, political groups, the entertainment industry, religious organizations, social services, human resources and military organizations. We anticipate 1000+ attendees and many more thousands of virtual attendees.

Summit Mission

Unite diverse perspectives and backgrounds to address the problem, including: leaders in business, education, health care, politics, human services and entertainment. Develop a common vocabulary and understanding of what sexual violence is and how to describe various components of the problem. Unite groups from around the world to create stronger communication and support networks for future efforts to end sexual violence. Identify what has worked and has not worked regarding sexual misconduct education, policy and law over the last 50 years. Identify more stakeholders in the cause to end sexual violence.


Sponsorship Benefits Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Free Registration(s) 1 1 2 2
Summit Hall Table ½ Table ½ Table Full Table Full Table
Website Listing Y Y Y Y
Summit Manual Ad Eighth of page Quarter page Half page Full page
Marketplace Access Y Y Y Y
Special Event Credit None Essentials Event Main Event Highlight Event
Sponsorship Fee $1500 $2500 $5000 $10,000

Sponsorships at the Silver, Gold and Platinum Levels all receive credit for one of the following Events.  Event credit is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sponsorship of an event is confirmed when both the signed sponsorship agreement and payment for the sponsorship fee has been received.


Special Event Options Essentials Event (Silver) Main Event (Gold) Highlight Event (Platinum)
Saturday Night Volunteer Dinner   X  
Saturday Night Program X    
Sunday Power-up Breakfast   X  
Sunday Morning Snack X    
Sunday Afternoon Snack X    
Sunday Dinner   X  
Sunday Celebrity Reception     X
Going Noisy: Celebrity Performance     X
Rally for Red Dance Performance     X
Power Up Yoga on the Quad   X  
Monday Breakfast   X  
Monday Morning Snack X    
Monday Lunch   X  
Monday Afternoon Snack X    
Summit Swag Bags   X  
Summit Water Bottles   X  
Summit T-Shirts   X  
Summit Manual     X
Summit Resource Marketplace     X
Summit Residences     X
Summit Website     X
Summit International LiveCast     X
Summit Video     X
Summit Social Media   X  
Legal Panel   X  
International Panel   X  
Men’s Panel   X  
Opening Keynote   X  
Closing Keynote   X  
World Tweet at Summit     X
Going Noisy Album to Shatter the Silence     X
Respect My Red Summit Tattoo   X  

Sponsorships are limited. We hope you’ll join this important event. Guarantee your prominence and demonstrate your commitment to Shattering the Silence on Sexual Violence. How to Become a Sponsor Step 1: Contact us to let us know and we will set up a call with you and email you a more detailed set of next steps. Step 2: Complete the Sponsorship Agreement: