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Join us in being a part of history! Spread the word about the Summit and read what others are posting about it by including #EndSexualViolence in your Tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts from now through the Summit’s end!  Engage the people in your life in conversation about sexual assault, and do your part in reminding survivors worldwide that they are not alone by posting Red Selfies with our hashtag, and shattering the silence with your virtual voice of support.  Follow us on Twitter @EndSexualViolenceSummit, on Instagram and follow us on Facebook.

Participate from Anywhere

If you cannot physically attend the Summit, no problem!  Be a part of the conversation via live webcast.  If you are attending, encourage your family and friends to tune in from home!

Stay Informed

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Your support will make things happen.


Support ending sexual violence with your bid. 100% of auction proceeds will be used for the following projects:

  • Providing educational programs for high school students in disadvantaged communities.
  • Creating a global hotline and chat support for victims of sexual violence.
  • Training for doctors and medical service providers around the world on the signs of sexual abuse and violence, and how to provide resources to those who have been victimized.
  • Providing accessible online education for students starting at age 13 on healthy, respectful relationships.

Auction items will be listed and open for bidding by June 1, 2016.

Petition to Stop the Violence

Sign this online petition to show support that each of us has a right to be treated with respect. No one should experience sexual violence of any kind. We have the responsibility to respect others. National origin, age, race, religion, gender, economic status, job status, ability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, sexual identity, morals, attire, location, sexual past, past victimization and any other aspect about a person does not affect the level of respect we deserve or the amount we must demonstrate to others.

Shatter the Silence (the Album) – Submit a Song

Contribute your original song or musical piece to take a stand against sexual violence and promote empowerment for survivors.  We are accepting all genres and styles.  The Album is being produced by a fabulous studio in Los Angeles and will be released shortly after the Summit.

Speak Out: Share Your Story

Speak your experience.  Help others know they are not alone.  Tell the world your story about how sexual harassment, abuse, assault, rape, trafficking, intimate partner violence, stalking or any other form of sexual violence has impacted your life.

Respect My Red Seflie

We are all born “red lights”. We have the right be a red stop sign. We have the right to respect. Show the world you have the Right to be RED! Take a Red Selfie at the Summit.

Get Justice: Take Legal Action

If you are a survivor or have legal questions related to sexual violence, please fill out this form to access the Take Back The Night Foundation’s legal support team.

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