Shatter the Silence (the Album) Song Submission Information

Contribute your original song or musical piece to take a stand against sexual violence and promote empowerment for survivors.  We are accepting all genres and styles.  The Album is being produced by a fabulous studio in Los Angeles and will be released shortly after the Summit.

Guidelines for Submitting to “Shatter the Silence” Album

Deadline:  June 30, 2016 Length:  3 to 3.5 minutes, including any opening and closing Language:  English preferred.  Other languages accepted.  If your lyrics are in a language other than English, please include the English translation with your submission. Sound Quality:  High definition.  File size can be up to 100GB. Finished Format: mp3 Donation Requirement:  Your composition must be donated in its entirety to the Foundation.  We seek to use 100% of any proceeds for our charitable cause.

Themes and rules for lyrics

  1. Lyrics may not discriminate, incite hate, or otherwise be harmful to any group
  2. Content must be appropriate for age 13 and above.
  3. Alcohol/drugs can render someone incapable of giving effective consent.
  4. Consent must be freely and actively given. 
  5. You have the right to be respected at all times.
  6. Empowerment, regaining strength, regaining confidence and courage are important healing steps for victims of sexual violence.
  7. We should reject relationships with anyone who treats us with disrespect or dishonesty.
  8. Consent is not based on what someone is wearing, their past sexual history, or any other demographic characteristic.