Summit Schedule SUNDAY JULY 10TH AND MONDAY JULY 11TH 2016

Come to the International Summit to End Sexual Violence with ideas, leave with understanding.  Come to the Summit to learn about high profile cases and ongoing legislation efforts, leave with deep-rooted empathy and awareness of assault survivors who walk countless miles from you and your shoes. Come listen to keynote speeches by award-winning authors and viral-Youtubers, and leave the Summit ready to speak up and take action in your own community.

The International Summit to End Sexual Violence is a two-day event that will be as fun as it will be educational, and as humbling as it will be inspirational.  In addition to  the many speakers presenting from near and far, the Summit also includes a multi-talent spectacular of original pieces written for the Summit by a Grammy-winning artist, a “Yoga for Healing” hour featuring many of New York City’s most in-demand yoga instructors, in addition to numerous breakout sessions and networking opportunities.

Over 100 organizations and hundreds of dedicated volunteers bond together to produce the Summit.  This event exists to further the collective goal of bringing strategy, positive energy, broadened interest, and passion to the international conversation against sexual violence.


Journey to Fordham University or join the live webcast to experience the Summit to:

  • Learn from researchers, authors, activists and experts about how sexual violence is approached, experienced, and defined in different societal realms worldwide.
  • Form lasting friendships with passionate people who are changing the current landscape.
  • Understand the laws and policies related to sexual violence: criminal, civil, Clery, Title IX and more.
  • Challenge the current methods of generating change in your community and learn how to best impact different kinds of people about sexual violence.
  • Obtain templates and training on bystander skills to create an ethos for primary prevention.
  • Create an action plan to mobilize your community to end sexual violence.
  • Garner savvy social media and PR techniques for campaigns and fundraising.
  • Grasp the essential components of planning events that aren’t simply well-attended, but events that will inspire change.


Summit Schedule (subject to change)

(Sessions with a * are available to the world with internet access via a webcast.)

Day 1: July 10, 2016
1:00pm Welcome + Opening Keynote*
2:00pm Sexual Violence: A Global Perspective Plenary Session*
3:15pm Breakouts: Men’s Involvement / Social Media for Change*
4:30pm History of Law & Policy: Title IX, Clery, Marital Rape, The Hague*
5:45pm Networking Dinner with Affinity Group Seating
7:00pm Going Noisy + Rally for Red (Celebrity SoundOff + Curet Dance) (Paid / Ticketed Event)

11:00pm Global Web Keynote*

Day 2: July 11, 2016
7:30am Power-up BreakfastYoga on the Quad
9:00am Shatter the Silence Keynote: Stories of Courage and Strength*
10:15am Breakouts: Survivor Support* / Prevention Education
11:30am Breakouts: Binary Assumptions / Faith & Sexual Violence / Global Issues*
12:45pm Luncheon with Action Planning + World Tweet
1:45pm Breakouts: Event Planning / Trafficking* / Communities: Schools, Prisons, Military
3:00pm Closing Keynote: Getting Loud*


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