Going Noisy Benefit Performance Fordham Preparatory School Theater - Sunday, July 10, 2016 at 7pm

Going_NoisyBe present to experience this exciting sound-off with an invigorating evening of music, poetry, drama, dance, and spoken word.  Celebrities perform alongside daring new artists.  Everyone performs to show their support and share their talent with purpose.  Blazing bands and talented teens shake our souls with powerful performances of their original works. Be the first to witness the birth of a star!

 This event is not to be missed.  Intense, bold and noisy so that no one can ignore the problem, no one can say they haven’t heard how often it happens, and no one can stand silent.  Everyone goes noisy until we end sexual violence in all forms.  Come out to be moved and join the “Noise” on Sunday, July 10th in Fordham Prep’s Theatre.


Please see the GOING NOISY + RALLY FOR RED (CELEBRITY SOUNDOFF + CURET DANCE) (PAID EVENT) session page for more information.

Going Noisy starts at 7pm and will be followed by the Rally For Red Dance Performance.  Purchase a ticket to receive admission to both events. 

Location: Fordham Prep’s Theatre
Time: July 10th – 7:00 PM