Yoga for Strength Monday July 11th - Time: 7:45am

yogaEmpower those who have been hurt by sexual violence with a Down Dog and Sun Salutation.  Grow stronger with our unity of breath.  Move together with commitment to achieving our goal of healing.  Bring your mat, your towel, your strong body and your strong mind out to Fordham’s grassy quad for a morning of healing through yoga! New York City yogis and NYC Studios are encouraged to come out and support the Summit.  Hold your Monday morning classes with us. Free will donation to the Summit and the Take Back The Night Foundation.  We unite this morning with our collective energy to stretch our bodies and minds toward an end to sexual violence. All are welcome.  Beginners to advanced. Come and BREATHE with us!  Mats available to rent for $5.

Free Event.  Guarantee your spot.

For more information please see the Yoga for Strength session page.


Location: Edwards Parade  (Inclement weather location:  Fordham University Gym)

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Dear Instructors, Thank you for helping so many people grow strong and heal with your practice.  The International Summit to End Sexual Violence will be attended by World Leaders, Authors, Activists, Celebrities, and Survivors of Sexual Violence from around the Globe.  There is a Summit Hall full of art, video, photos, music and more!  Lectures, discussion, and presentations about how we can all work to end sexual violence in ALL FORMS against ALL PEOPLE will be going on over both days of the Summit! We would love for you to help us get out the word, but MOST OF ALL—we want to have the most incredible, powerful, healing, supportive YOGA event to show support for survivors EVER to happen in NYC!  Here’s what we need from you:

  1. Join our Summit and ask your fellow instructors if they would be willing to volunteer their time to TEACH on Monday morning at 7:30am on the Edwards Parade field.  (We are aiming for 1000 yogis and will need 25-30 instructors).
  2. Would you be willing to have your studio support the event by holding your regular MONDAY morning class at the Summit?  Tell you students that we want 1000 down dogs and spine strengthening stretches to lift up the spirit of survivors with our collective practice.  Parking is free!  This is a Karma Yoga event, and all monies raised will benefit the Take Back The Night Foundation.
  3. Would you be willing to ask your students to donate their old mats to the event?  We want to provide mats for all the international guests who want to join our practice that morning.  Mats can be dropped off at Fordham on Saturday between 3pm and 6pm and on Sunday between 10am and 5pm at the McGinley Center.  Parking is free.
  4. If you or your studio can help us, please complete the form below.