Rally for Red Dance Ticketed Event - Sunday, July 10, 2016 at 7pm


The energy, healing, passion, love, and fire of ‘Rally for Red’ is undeniable.  Experience for yourself the joy and emotions brought by Megan Curet’s modern dance troupe to the stage. This event marks the second public performance of Megan Curet’s brilliant piece.  “Hailing from New York’s boogie down Bronx, globetrotting dancer-choreographer Megan Curet returns to her hometown, conveying her truth via modern dance with the Curet Performance Project. Collaborating with Israeli jazz musician Idan Morim and bluelight, a music project based out of Akron, OH, the first generation Puerto Rican dance-maker has made quite a name for herself in the past two years, reaching international heights.” -Oogeewoogee.com.

Why does Megan believe dance can effect change and healing around sexual violence?

“I find the topic of sexual violence is still one of the most problematic issues plaguing people of all genders globally. Which means less than 50 percent of these victims will report these crimes. Dance is one of the rawest art forms; all you have is one instrument to tell your entire story.”

“In Rally For Red, I chose five companies and one musician to bring together one evening length story. Each choreographer, all distinctly different, offered a key piece to the entire work. Curet Performance Project along with live original music by Idan Morim, Maher Benham’s Coyote Dancers, Pia Vinson’s Contempia, Stanley Love’s Stanley Love Performance Group and choreographer-performer Aaron Moses Robin are each offering works on trauma, resistance, grief, oppression, vanquish, hope and especially, joy.”

For more information please see the Going Noisy + Rally for Red (Celebrity SoundOff + Curet Dance) (Paid Event) session page.

Going Noisy starts at 7pm and will be followed by the Rally For Red Dance Performance.  Purchase a ticket to receive admission to both events. 


Location:  Fordham Preparatory School Theater
Time: July 10, 2016 at 7pm